Chana Daal Burfi Recipe

I was always passionate to try sweet dishes at home with some new ways, The idea is to deliver the best which should not stop you to eat. Today I am with the new dessert Chana dal barfi filled with lots of nuts and prepared using Ghee.

  • Preparation Time – 35 Mins
  • Cooking time –    30 mins


S. No. Ingredient Quantity
1. Chana Dal 400 gram
2. Sugar 250 gram
3. Milkmaid Condensed Milk 100 gram
4. Cardimom Powder 1/2 Tablespoon
5. Ghee/Clarified butter 250 gram
6 Milk 500 ml
7 Chopped Pista 10-15 pieces
8 Chopped Almond 8-10 pieces
9 Chopped Cashew 8-10 pieces
10 Saffron 5-6 pieces

Recipe Method

Step 1 – Soak Chana dal 2-3 hours. strain off the water.

Soak-chana-dal  –
Step 2 – Boil the 500 ml milk and saffron in a kadhai.
Step 3 –When milk boils, Add chana dal and Cook the dal  till soft, keep aside to cool.
Step 4 – Grind the dal and make a smooth paste.
Step 5 – Take an another kadhai heat the ghee, Add dal paste and stir till the mixture is thick.


Step 6 – Add the condensed milk + sugar mix it well. Cook till the mixture leaves the sides of the kadhai.


Step 7 – Add Chopped Cashew + Almond + Pista + Cardamom powder and mix it well.


Step 8 – Grease the ghee on the Plate. Pour the burfi mixture on the Plate and cool 4-5 hours.


Sweet Chana Barfi is ready to eat, Serve with lunch and dinner and school tiffin of your child.


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