Glossary Spices Names

Image Standard English Indian English Hindi Notes
Asafoetida Hing, Heeng,Hengu,Hinger,Hingu हींग Asafoetida powder, also known as Hing is prepared from underground rhizome or tap root of several species of Ferula, The herb is to be anti-flatulent, anti-inflammatory,  nerve stimulant, antimicrobial, laxative expectorant and sedative
Red Chilli Lal Mirch लाल मिर्च   spice to add spiciness flavor to dishes, as name defines this is red in color.
Black Cardamom Kali Elaichi काली इलायची A popular aromatic used majorly for Pulow/Fried Rice and Biryani.
White Pepper Safed Mirchi सफ़ेद मिर्च A small spherical size spice,  fruit of the pepper plant.
Black Pepper Kali Mirchi काली मिर्च A small spherical size spice,  fruit of the pepper plant. Mostly used in kerla. This is also used add spiciness flaviour in Vrat/Fast items.
Black Cumin Shah Jeera शाही जीरा Nigella sativa, also called black cumin is get populatiry from southwest Asia
Capsicum Shimla Mirch शिमला मिर्च A popular vegetable majorly used in many snacks dishes. It is called Chili pepper, red or green pepper, or just pepper in Britain and the US. You may have seen in three colors red, green and yellow.
Charoli Chironji चिरोंजी a type of nut used for making desserts, this is commonly used in ice creams and kheer.
Indian Bay Leaf, Bay Leaf Tej Patta तेज पत्ता Bay leaf  or Tej Patta in Hindi is spice to add additional taste to food like Pulao or Some curry.
Cinnamon Dalchini दालचीनी To put the additional taste to curry,  Grown commercially in Kerala – South India.
Cloves Laung लौंग This is used in Pan and Many of Dishes.

Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are largest producers in India.

Coriander Powder Dhania Powder / Pisa Dhania धनिया पाउडर / पिसा धनिया Prepared after grinding Dhania Beej, this is the seed of green Coriander and is used in almost all type of curry preparation.
CorianderSeed Dhania Beej धनिया We get it from Green Coriander
Cumin Seed ground into balls Jeera Goli ज़ीरा गोली
Cumin Seed Jeera ज़ीरा A popular seed to fry many of Indian food..
Curry Tree or Sweet NeemLeaf Karipatta करीपत्ता / कढ़ीपत्ता Add unique take to curry, use in most of the south Indian dishes.
Fennel Seed Saunf / Sanchal सौंफ / संचल With mild sweet taste and a pleasant smell.

Have majorly two varieties. Big and Small. The big size sauf is used to prepare foods and small for taste and is considered as digestive.

Fenugreek Leaf Kasoori Methi, Dried कसूरी मेथी Is used as herb and spice.
Fenugreek Seed Methi Seeds मेथी दाना An important Kitchen Ingredient to Lowers blood cholesterol
Four Seeds Char Magaz Char Magaz तरबूज खरबूज ककडी पैंठे के बीज Seed Combination of Water melon, musk melon, cucumber and pumpkin are used in desserts and some curries.
Garam Masala Garam Masala गरम मसाला Blended using  more than  spices. Garam masala adds a flavored taste and strong smell.
Garlic Lehsun लहसुन Garlic Contains a Compound named Allicin, it has Potent Medicinal Properties, from ancient time garlic is used as medicines. It is very useful in winters or if you are living in cold places.
Ginger Adrak अदरक A common ingredient in Asia and Indian cuisine. A pincg of ginger is used in most of curry preparations.majorly used in tea during winters.
Dried Ginger Sonth सोंठ Two form are south available in market, 1st  is a dried form of ginger and 2nd is its powder. The idea is to preserve fresh ginger in form of powder.
Green Cardamom Chhoti Elaichi छोटी इलाइची Majorly produced in kerela. Majorly used in deserts.
Amla Amla आँवला A rich source of Vitamin a used to prepare acchar, chavanprash and murraba.
Black Salt Kala Namak काला नमक A form of salt, with sulfur smell and black in colour. I considered as digestive having unique taste
Sour Dried Mango Powder Aamchur or Amchoor Powder आमचूर / अमचुर Blended form of dried mango, use to provide sour taste in curry.
 mint Mint Pudina पुदीना Mint is fresh green leaf and majorly used to prepare green chutney or panna.
Mustard Seed

Brown mustard Seed

Sarson सरसों Mustard seeds are the small round seeds of mustard plants, it is used to extract mustered oil. It is good source of vitamin and used for many curry preparations.
Saffron Kesar केसर / जाफरान Keskar is an expensive spice. Flavoring for desserts.  kesar is more than sufficient
Salt Namak नमक  To provide sally taste in food.
Tamarind Imli इमली Provides tartness in South Indian curries
Carom Seed Ajwain अज़वाइन To give flavored taste in food, A digestive ingredient.
Turmeric Haldi हल्दी A perfect antibiotic, The is the important ingredient of almost all Indian cuisine.
 corridor Fresh Green Coriander Hara Dhaniya हरा धनिया Fresh green leaves used to garnish and eat in almost all curry items in India
Green Chili Pepper Hari Mirch हरी मिर्च To ass chili taste in curry, used for chutney preparation as well.
Red Chili Pepper Lal Mirchi लाल मिर्च Red chili is just the ripe form of green chilli, we can not preserve green chilli for long time, therefore we use red chilli for food preparation. Red chilli is also used to provide red colour in curry