Homemade Tasty Aam Papad Recipe

It was a great school time when I use to purchase Aam Papad from the way while returning from my school. Tasty sweet and sour Aam Papad is very easy to make and can be tried without and hassle.

You can store Aam papad in dry place for 2-3 months.

  • Preparation – 15 mins.
  • Cooking Time – 30 Mins
  • Ready To Serve – 1-2 Days, depends on how effective the sunlight is in your area.


S. No. Ingredient Quantity
1. Ripe Mango 1 Kg
2.  Sugar  50 gram

Recipe Method

Step 1 – Peal and cut the mangos in small pieces.


Step 2 – Take a grinder jar and grind the mango until converts into the smooth pulp.


Step 3 – Put the Pan on low flame and pour Mango Pulp Gently in it. Add the sugar in the pulp and stir it until mix well. you have to stir the pulp until it turns bit thick.


Step 4 – Take a plate, apply the ghee on it and pour the prepared hot mango pulp to take a thin flat shape. You can use more than one plates if required. Put the plate in the sunlight. The good sunlight may take a whole day to dry the pulp. do not dry much, the pulp should  not loose it softness, Should be soft like the jelly.


Aam papad is ready to eat, Cut it into the rectangular/square pieces and store Aam Papad in the dry place.


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