How to make (Poha) Chivda

Chivda Recipe.

poha chivda is a very common and popular snacks in Maharasthra .It is very easy to make.This poha chivda is one of my favourite snacks made during Diwali.This is my Mom s recipe. My mom making many different snacks during Diwali.  chivda is medium spicy. This chivda also known as namkeen.

  • Preparation time -5 mins
  • Cooking time-25 mins
  • Serve person-4
1 Poha (medium or thick) 1 kg
2 Oil(for deep fry version) 250 gm
3 Spring Curry leaves 4 pieces
4 Red chilli powder ½ tbps
5 Salt as per taste
6 Peanuts 1cup
7 Roasted Gram ⅕ cup
8 Crushed cumin(jeera) ⅕ tbps
9 Chat masala 1 tbs

Recipe method.

  1.  Clean poha. Heat oil in a deep kadai. Check if the oil is hot enough by dropping a flake, it has to float and not  sink in the oil. To the hot oil, pour poha as much as the oil holds, in a slow stream, stir constantly with a ladle.  Do not use very less oil, otherwise the poha will not puff up well.
  2.  Scoop them off using a ladle with holes and drain them on absorbent tissues. Repeat frying in 3 batches. You  will be left with oil that is unfit to use. just discard it, it is unhealthy to reuse take some oil in a pan and  fry peanuts.
  3.  Add chily powder, crushed cumin,fry peanuts and roast gram  to the hot poha. Heat a small pan with oil,  season using curry leaf. add the poha chivda.

Deep fry poha Chivda is ready

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