How to make Karanji(Gujiya)

Karanji (Gujiya) Recipe

Karanji and Gujiya are Indian sweets which have a similar look and appearance. basically, both Karanji and Gujiya are fried pastries with a sweet stuffing. The dish is specially prepared during Diwali and Holi.

  • Preparation time-35 mins
  • Cooking time- 50 mins
  • Serves persons – 4 – 5

Ingredients Details

Note : You have to purchase Gujia/Karanji Cutter  from the market, it is  a common tool and can be found at any utensils store.

S. No Ingredients Quantity
1 Maida 2 cup
2 Ghee/Oil to Deep fry 4 cup
3 Sooji /Semolina 1 cup
4 Sugar powder 2 cup
5 Cardamom powder ½ tbps
6 Mawa/Khoya 3 cup
7 Grated dry coconut 1 tbps
8 Chopped cashew 5- 6 pieces

Recipe Method

  1.  Take a flour in a bowl. Now take some oil and mix it well and add water in small quantity, make stiff dough  same like we make for poori/puri.Now cover dough with a cloth and keep aside.
  2.  Now Roast the sooji (selomina) in the pan add  khowa and once get light Brown. Now add the Dry fruits(Grated-nuts,Grated coconut powder, cardimom powder) in the pan with the Khowa and mix it well.
  3.  Now take a rolling board and pin,and take a dough. Now make a small sized balls and roll into thin Roti of 5 inch diameter size.Now place 1 tbps of filling on one side of the partition.bring another partition together and close it. Press and seal the Gujiya well. Repeat same for rest of dough and prepare Gujiya.
  4.  Now take a kadai  and add the Ghee for deep frying and drop 3-4 Gujiya at time and fry medium to slow flame until both sides golden brown,do turn 2-3 times Gujiya to cook it well sides .


Now Gujiya is ready serve it hot


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