Kesar Pista Kulfi Recipe

Kesar Pista kulfi is a traditional Indian kulfi made by Milk + Pista + Condensed milk + Almond and Saffron. The homemade kulfi is hygienic and is loved by everyone. Your child will demand Kulfi every alternate day after this taste.

  • Preparation time 10 mins
  • Cooking time – 60 minutes
  • Serve person- 4


S. No. Ingredient Quantity
1 Full cream milk 1 liter
2 Sugar 100 gram or 1/2 cup
3 Saffron 1/4 Tablespoon
4 Condensed Milk  50 ml or 1/2 Cup
5 Almonds 12-15 Pieces
6 Pistachios/Pista  2 Tablespoon
7 Kulfi Cups 6-8

Recipe Method


Step 1 – Boil the milk in a pan and then simmer over the medium flame.


Step 2 – Boil until about half the volume of milk is left.This process may take about 45 mins. Stir the milk time to time to avoid the scorching.

Step 3 – The properly boiled milk is beige-cream, and turns in cream colour, add condensed milk and boil for 2 minutes.

Step 4 – Add the sugar + saffron.

Step  – 5 Add the nuts to a boil again on low-medium flame for new 2 minutes.





Step 6 – Keep the mixture aside and allow it to cool in room temperature.


Step 7 – Mix well and pour into moulds or kulfi cups. Freeze at the lowest possible temperature. Freeze at the lowest possible temperature. As per my experience the home refrigerator may take up to 24 hours to freeze the kulfi well.


Server Frozen Kulfi  in the bowl or ice cream stick at the single end.

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