Maida Nankhatai Recipe

Maida Sweet Nankhatai is traditional Indian biscuits. Serve eggless Nankhatai with afternoon tea. It is very easy to make at home. I am going to try this in Convection Microwave oven today.

  • Preparation – 10 mins.
  • Cooking Time – 25 – 30 mins

Maida Nankhatai Ingredients

Maida 150 gm
Suji 50 gm
Sugar powder 85 gm
Butter 100 gm
Almond pieces 6-7 pieces
Baking Soda 1 pinch

Recipe Method

Step 1 –Take a bowl add melt Butter + Sugar powder + Maida + Suji  and mix it well.

prinkle cardamom powder on all the khatais.

Step 2 –Make a smooth dough.


Step 3 – Make medium sized balls and flatten it and  put Almond pieces on the top of each piece.


Step 4 – Arrange them on Tawa, keep aside and (Preheat process) Preheat the microwave 200-degree celsius. Take a Tawa on the low rack and put the pieces on it and bake for 20 mins.


Step 5 – Cool them completely and store in an airtight box.


Sweet Nankhatai is ready, Serve it with evening tea.

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