Mango Pudding Recipe

Fine Pudding using fresh Alphonso, You can try this will Dashahri or Sweet Langda. Ripe Alphonso is Sweet in taste and does not require much sugar to add. You can add sugar deciding on the fly sweetness you have to put.

  • Preparation Time – 15 Mins
  • Serve Persons – 3  to 4


S. No. Ingredient Quantity
1. Ripe Mango 2 Pieces
2. Sugar As per Taste
3. Vanila Ice Cream 200 Ml or 6-7 Tablespoon
4. Chopped Apple 5-10 Pieces
5. Milk 2 cups

Recipe Method

Step 1 – Peel the mango and grind it to  make Mango Pulp.

Step 2 – Take a Glass and  put 2 Tablespoon Pulp + Grape+ 1 Tablespoon chopped apple and Banana.

chopped-apple chopped-banana

Step 3 – Apply Valina Ice cream for topping with cherry and Grape.

mango-vanila-pudding-featured mango-vanila-pudding

Mango Pudding is ready, Garnished it with, Cherry and Grape, Serve chilled.

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