Mango Smoothie – Mango Shake

How to Make Mango Shake or Mango Smoothie

The mango smoothie is delicious creamy smoothies. Mango smoothie is prepared using  ripe mango fruit.

The smoothie looks great in taste and is one of top liked smoothie in Northen India (Mostly in summers).


Preparation Time – 15 Mins

Serve Persons – 2

Note: Ice should be used at last stage as will cause the problem to dilute sugar if added before mixing it. 

Peel the Mango and cut the small pieces. Now take a grinder and add the mango pieces and the half cup of milk and blend it until mixed well Now open the jar cap and add the remaining milk and sugar and blend it again 2 to 3 mins.


Ingredients Details

S. No. Ingredients Quantity
1. Ripe Mango 1 Pieces
2. Sugar As per Taste
3. Cheery  1 Piece
4. Cashew / Kaju nut 2-4 Pieces
5. RAISIN / Kismis 5-10 Pieces
6. Vanilla Ice Cream 1 Table Spoon
7. Milk 2 cups
8. Ice 4 Pieces


Mango smoothie is ready, Garnished it with dry fruits, cherry and vanilla ice cream. and serve chill.



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