Paneer Cutlet Recipe

The best way to have your dinner is to start with a starter dish, here I am with a delicious starter for you – Paneer Cutlet. You can prepare Paneer Cutlet in evening snack, in the breakfast or when you child returns from school.

  • Preparation time – 10 mins
  • Cooking time –  20 mins
  • Serve persons – 4


S. No. Ingredients Quantity
1 Paneer 250 gm
2 Boil potato 1 piece
3 Breadcrumb 2-3 pieces
4 Cornflour 5-6 Tablespoon
5 Green coriander leaves
6 Salt As per taste
7 Refined oil for deep fry 500 ml
8 Red Chilli powder 1 Tablespoon
9 Garam masala 1 Tablespoon


Recipe method

Step 1 – Take a bowl add  boiled mashed potatoes + Bread-Crumb + Paneer + Red chilli  powder + garam masala + Chopped Green coriander + Salt and mix it well.

paneer-cutlet-prepration paneer-cutlet-mixture

Step 2 – Paneer Cutlet dough is ready. 


Step 3 – Divide it into 6-7 equal portions and shape into round and oval shape.


Ready to fry

Step 1 – Heat the oil (500 ml) in a kadhai for deep fry.


Step 2 –  Drop the Paneer cutlet gently in the kadhai till turns golden brown, take out from kadhai Keep aside to Drain on absorbent paper.


Paneer cutlet is ready, Serve it hot with tomato ketchup and green mint chutney.

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