Pineapple Juice

Chilled and refreshing Pineapple in summers, You will love to drink this refreshing juice. You can easily prepare Pineapple juice at home in a minute without the juicer.

  • Preparation time – 10 mins
  • Serve persons – 4


S. No Ingredients Quantity
1 Pineapple 1 kg
2 Ice cube 8-9 pieces
3 Black salt ½ tablespoon
4 Fresh mint leaves  For garnish

Recipe Method

Step 1 – Wash and cut Pineapple into small pieces.


Step 2 – Take a grinder jar and add pieces of Pineapple + Sugar and 200 ml water to blend it properly.


Step 3 – Take a large  bowl and place the metal strainer over it to sieve the blended juice.


Step 4 –Use the spoon and rotate on the strainer to separate the juice and the blended pineapple waste.


Step 5 – You have to choose stainer of the big hole for this process, Tea strainer will not work to separate the juice.


Step 6 – Take a serving glass and pour Pineapple juice and add 2-3 pieces ice cube and Black salt for good taste.


Serve Pineapple juice chilled…

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